Case study: the direct mail marketing campaign that had the phone ringing off the hook

If you’re a business owner trying to decide how to spend your marketing budget this year, you would

If you’re a business owner trying to decide how to spend your marketing budget this year, you would be crazy not to consider a direct mail campaign. But don’t take our word for it — take a look at this case study on a specific direct mail marketing campaign.

Why direct mail?

There’s a good reason direct mail has an extremely high open rate — direct mail is so effective because it is targeted, personalised, and tangible. You are able to target specific people and businesses based on geography, age, gender, and more. Direct mail is personalised with the recipients name and address which immediately creates a personal connection. And unlike email, direct mail is tangible — it can be put aside and reconsidered, instead of never being seen again in a “Spam” folder.

The Campaign

Client: TABS – Superannuation Fund Auditor

Marketer & Copywriter: Philippa from Just Go Write

Designer & Printer: Emroy – Print & Design

Objectives: To drive awareness and demand for local, independent super fund auditing services amongst St George and Sutherland Shire accountants. Specifically to achieve a set number of new audit customers from the campaign.

Execution: The client experienced problems gathering ‘clean’ data so many of the letters were sent without names, and addressed only to ‘The SMSF Manager’. Typically un-named mail has a low response rate, so it is testament to the strength of the design and the technically-perfect engagement elements of the copy that the client received same-day calls from recipients,  who had opened the letter and picked up the phone.

direct mail

Results One direct mail to the list resulted in the client exceeding her sales goals for the year – in just one month. The greater than 6% response rate smashed current industry rates of between 1 and 1.5% , and also created a warm lead database of prospects who weren’t ready at the time for TABS services but indicated a future need.

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