Direct Mail


Direct mail connects you with your customers in a way that’s unparalleled to any other media! With over 71% of addressed promotional material read, kept or passed on (source), direct mail is a definite way to get your message to your customer. 

Emroy – Print & Design are the direct mail advertising experts! We have a huge range of options available to help you promote your business (such as flyers, postcards, brochures, calendars etc) and we can tailor a campaign to your needs and your budget.

We can assist in all stages of your direct mail campaign:

  • Design
  • Mail insertion
  • Folding
  • Plastic bagging
  • Mail merges (addressing)
  • Database management + return mail (confidentially)
  • Lodgement / fulfilment

Ready to place your advertising pieces into the hands of your customers?

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