Special finishes


Sometimes your job may requite a little something extra, to help attract attention, to stand our from others and to assist in communicating your message more clearly. Other times, a special finish may help to make your finishes products fit in more seamlessly with your brand.

Standard finishes

Machine varnish - A machine varnish is a basic finish available on most coated stocks. It helps to accentuate colours and increase durability. Typically available in a gloss or matt finish.

Matt or gloss – Choosing the right finish can help increase the effectiveness of printed material. Gloss enhances colour and vibrancy and is typically chosen for image intensive print work. Matt on the other hand, gives a more refined and polished look and it’s reduced glare is perfect for text heavy printing.

Celloglaze – A celloglaze is a thin plastic laminate applied to the card to help with added durability and dramatically increases lifespan. Available in a gloss or matt.

Folding – Folding can help compact the finished size of your print material, allowing you to add more panels as necessary. Stocks over 150gsm need to be scored before being folded.

Scoring – Helps thicker stocks fold without cracking.

Perforation – Perforation is perfect for forms and can be applied to most paper stocks.

Numbering – Tickets, invoice books or promotional cards can all be numbered, starting at either 1 or a custom number.

Special Finishes

Spot UV – Firstly, a matt celloglaze is applied and then on select areas a high gloss varnish is added. This allows a particular element to pop from the page. Great for business cards and promotional cards.

Foil Stamped – A thin foil is transferred with heat to select areas of the card providing a brilliant, unique look.

Embossed - Embossing (or debossing) is the process of creating either a raised or recessed surface to a card (with the other side being the reverse).

Round corners – Rounded corners can be applied to any regular print job. Either 1, 2, 3 or all 4 corners can be rounded with either a 6mm or 9mm radius.

Metallic printing – In regular printing, the standard colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black do not allow for a metallic look. However, by applying a PMS silver to select areas beneath select elements, colours can be given a metallic look and feel.

Spot gloss – The younger cousin of spot UV. Due to the requirement of spot UV to have a celloglaze applied first, it isn’t suitable for thinner stocks (such as flyers and brochures). Spot gloss has a similar effect by applying high gloss to select area.

Forme cutting - Forme cutting is the process of creating a completely unique shape or design. While there is a setup cost involved, all formes created a stored for free for future use (provided they are used once every 18 months).

Drilling - Whether to create a unique look or simply a matter of functionality, most products can have 1 or multiple holes drilled.