In order to provide accurate and consistent turnaround times, the majority of our printing is run on a print schedule. That way, you can be confident when you order of the maximum time it will take to produce and deliver your job. In addition to this, all our jobs are dispatched via express courier (for free of course).

If you need your job quicker than our standard turnaround, please let your account manager know.

Delivery times

Delivery is free of charge to anywhere in Australia. When calculating times, please add the delivery time as well as production time.

Capital cities (except Perth)  overnight
Darwin, Perth & any location outside capital cities  1-3 working days


Standard stocks (not including delivery)

Our standard stocks (being the most popular) are run most frequently. If you need a quick turnaround times, these are the ones to choose.

100gsm laserbond 1-3 working days
115gsm art paper 2-4 working days
115gsm envirocare 3-7 working days
150gsm art paper 1-3 working days
170gsm art paper 3-4 working days
250gsm art board 3-4 working days
270gsm bleach board 3-6 working days
    – with celloglaze 3-6 working days
350gsm artboard 1-2 working days
   – with celloglaze 2-4 working days
400gsm artboard 2-3 working days
   – with celloglaze 2-4 working days
   – with celloglaze and spot UV 2-4 working days


Specialty stocks (not including delivery)

Specialty stocks aren’t run as often as out standard stocks, however the turnaround time is still quite quick.

Envelopes (all) 3-6 working days
150gsm monza recycled 3-7 working days
115gsm ecostar 3-7 working days
104gsm expression 3-7 working days
120gsm knight 3-7 working days


Specialty Products

Our specialty products typically have their own dedicated machines and therefore their turnaround times will differ from above.

Funeral stationery 3 working days
Restaurant menus 4-10 working days


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