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The absolute quickest and most efficient way to pass your details onto a prospect is via a business card and as with all printed material, the fact they are tangible conveys a level of importance unparalleled using any other media.

Here at Emroy – Print & Design, we’ve printed over a million cards for our clients and that number grows every day. That’s because when it comes to business cards, we know exactly what we are doing.

Why are our business cards so great?

We use only the highest quality materials in all stages of production of your business card which ensures you receive a finished product that will not only stand out and be remembered, it will last! (So when someone who you have previously handed your card to passes it on, the card will still have the same amazing impact it did the first time you handed it out).

Why are our prices so low while our quality is so high?

Due to the volume of cards we print, we produce the business cards through a process called gang printing, in which we group a number of jobs on the press together. This significantly reduces setup costs and keeps our prices among the most competitive in the industry.

And just like every other job we produce, it’s delivered completely free via courier, with absolutely no hidden charges.

Business Cards Product Comparison

  • Low cost with great print quality
  • Perfect for short term use or tight budgets
  • Quick turnaround
  • Our most common business card stock
  • Great quality with excellent colour reproduction
  • Quick turnaround
  • Comes with matt or gloss celloglaze as standard
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Standard turnaround
  • Perfect for businesses wanting to stand out
  • Ideal for businesses who rely on word of mouth (the card will retain quality when passed on)
  • Comes with a gloss or matt celloglaze as standard
  • Back is uncoated which is ideal for cards that need to be written on
  • Front can have a varnish or celloglaze
  • Perfect for appointment or loyalty cards
  • Amazingly crisp with a luxurious look and feel
  • Among the smoothest, premium uncoated stocks on the market
  • Images and all colours will print vibrant and clear
  • Uncoated on both sides
  • 100% recycled (65% post-consumer waste and 35% pre-consumer waste)
  • Produced using absolutely no virgin fibre
  • Manufactured elemental chlorine free
  • Has a natural, grainy and organic look
  • Images and colours will appear softened 
  • Uncoated on both sides
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Business Cards


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