Everyone needs a notepad some time! So when your clients reach for theirs, make sure your business remains at the front of their minds. Notepads are completely customisable so be creative! Give lots of them away so your company’s image is never far out of reach.

Custom notepads can also be used in-house, either to create a more professional looking work environment or to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Notepads are ideal for:

  • Trade show handouts

  • Passed around at meetings

  • Hotel, motel and hospital welcome packs

  • Included in advertising packs

  • Given to clients at sales meetings

  • Given as referral pads to partnered businesses

Just like every other job we produce, it’s delivered completely free via courier, with absolutely no hidden charges.

Notepads Product Comparison

  • Cost effective
  • Uncoated
  • Glued with a cardboard backing
  • Cost effective
  • Uncoated
  • Glued with a cardboard backing

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