Public Sector Network (PSN) is a multinational research organisation that serves public sector professionals across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States; developing a range of events to suit the interests of its members.

The NSW Government Digital Communities service (GovDC) partnered with Public Sector Network (PSN) to deliver its annual, premium one-day conference. Last year, more than 1,300 delegates and dozens of solution providers participated, making it one of the largest meetings of public and private stakeholders in Australia.

Since last year’s highly successful event, the size and scale of the conference has only grown. This brought about a fresh, new challenge of bringing together numerous organisational branding specifications into one clean coherent look, without disrespecting their individual identities.

Events of this size have hundreds of many tiny, intricate parts that make up a much larger puzzle; from coasters to media walls, everything has to come together perfectly in order to create a coherent event that everyone can be proud of, and enjoy.

The collaboration between Emroy Creative Group and Public Sector Network provided the final, missing link needed to piece it all together.

What We Provided

Pullup Banner  /  Stickers  /  Flyers  /  Coasters  Exhibition Booth Design Digital Screen Signage