School yearbooks

School yearbooks for a year worth remembering!

School yearbooks reserve treasured memories of the year; time spent in class, with teachers and friends.

At Emroy Creative Group our individual specialities come together and we have formed a team of experts to help you produce the very best school yearbooks.

With control of the end-to-end production process, our team has the framework, resources and expertise to produce a yearbook that reflects your school’s reputation.

Our team can assist with as many or as few aspects of the yearbook process as you would like.

Project Management.

Our experience and processes keep everything stress-free and our friendly team is always on hand to give advice.

Design & Layout.

We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring the yearbooks remain pristine and intact for years to come.

Proofing & Editing.

Our editors will proofread your yearbook, ensuring a professional publication that is consistent with your school’s tone of voice.

Print & Delivery.

We have full control over the printing processes in our production hubs, ensuring punctual delivery every time.

Emroy Creative Group definitely goes above and beyond in assisting me to produce our school’s yearbook. Their team are extremely knowledgeable and provided me with the resources to achieve the best result possible. The final product was outstanding, the quality was beautiful, the service was amazing and the yearbook as promised was delivered on time

Emma Mullins

Yearbook Coordinator

Carroll College

Why choose Emroy for your yearbook services?

Competitive Pricing

We regularly benchmark our prices to ensure that we remain competitive within the industry (while still providing top quality).

Free Delivery

We use a network of reliable couriers to deliver your job anywhere in Australia to one location free of charge, normally overnight.

100% Guarantee

We stand by our quality guarantee; if on the rare occasion there is an issue in production, we will either refund your money or reprint for free.

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